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In partnership with Imperial College London

Air quality

Concerns about the safety of emissions from the thermal treatment of waste are common. However, air emission control technology combined with stringent environmental regulations means that operating EfW facilities do not have any significant impact on air quality or public health. The air emission control technologies to monitor and control emissions are highly effective and operate 24 hours a day.

The greatest contributors to air pollution are the transport sector and fossil-fuel combustion sources (e.g. power stations). Compared to these sources, emission levels of nanoparticles emitted from EfW facilities are negligible. > FAQ 7

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Data provided by Defra (National Emissions Inventory) show that 2006 national emissions of air pollution particulates PM10 from EfW facilities are 0.03% of the total compared with 27% and 25% for traffic and industry respectively.


> National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory (NAEI)

> The Annual European Community LRTAP Commission emission report 1990–2009